Family Movie Night: Our Top Picks for Movies about the Environment & Sustainability

Long weekends to kick off summer are made for beaches – and movies! What’s better than rinsing off after a long day of outdoor play – in the water, at the beach, at the park, or just around the neighborhood – and snuggling up together with popcorn and a good movie?

We’ll tell you what’s better: a family movie with the environment as its focus!

One of the best parts about family movie night is the opportunity it presents. You and your kids can travel to different locations, be transported around the world, glimpse animals in their natural habitats, learn about ecosystems and sustainability and the many reasons to love and protect our planet from the comfort of your couch.

And, with our family movie picks for earth- and ocean-focused films, everyone in the family is guaranteed to learn something -- and even be inspired.

Harness the power of incredible storytelling and visuals to create connection between your family and our planet with these powerhouse films and documentaries. Here are some of our family favorites!


Our Planet

Planet Earth

Mission Blue

Night on Earth

Chasing Coral

A Plastic Ocean

Before the Flood




Climate Warriors

Racing Extinction

Food Inc

Coming Soon: ”Greta,” a documentary featuring climate activist Greta Thunberg, “Greta” coming later this year.


Disney +

March of the Penguins

Years of Living Dangerously




No Impact Man