Looking for unique, sustainable gifts this season? We've got them.

Looking for unique, sustainable gifts this season? We've got them.
We’re back with our holiday gift guide for sustainable, unique, wholesome gifts for everyone on your list! Not into consumerism? Take a look at our favorite nonprofits and give the gift of supporting their work all year!

Cornhole, but for the upscale entertainer on your list. You know the one, the person who throws the best parties, the one whose house you’re always at, the one who throws the best tailgates. This gift is for them! These luxurious cornhole sets are handcrafted with sustainable wood with designs inspired by our national parks. Regular and travel-sized options available. We are definitely partial to The Beach or The Gidget...maybe because of that surf-inspired vibe! Find your favorite national parks, too!


Sustainable Baking 
For the one on your list who loves the kitchen -- these silpat silicone baking mats eliminate the need for parchment paper, aluminum foil, and oils when baking. In other words, it ups your cooking game by keeping waste way down. A sustainable, reusable alternative to baking, and in three different sizes! A must have for your baker or chef.



Vintage Vinyl...Wallets!
Looking for the guy (or gal) who has everything? Try wallets made with vintage vinyl, sourced from vintage auto vinyl (think seatbelts and car interiors) with a commitment to being ethical, innovative, and sweatshop-free. These unique wallets fit the bill...and now that travel is back, check out their passport holders, too!

Babes in Toyland
Make every baby a zero waste baby with these zero waste baby kits from Protea. Gift a bamboo baby bowl and utensils, cloth wipes, bamboo hairbrush, babe oil, and babies magic dust for the newest parents and babes you know, and make sure their future is merry bright. Or, shop separates on the Protea site!



Countertop Composting
Have someone on your list who loves the garden? Who loves to be closed-loop? Who loves the latest tech gadgets? Lomi checks all the boxes with an innovative, at-home countertop composter that will top the list as the most unique and
most practical gift of the year. These chic, eco-friendly, countertop composters can be reserved now--so your earth lover will know they’ll be among the first to get their hands on this one-of-a-kind product.


Making Plastic Fantastic
If you’re going to buy plastic this year, support shops that are removing it from our coastlines and repurposing those pesky micros into educational, creative gifts. MicroMahalo brings awareness to our plastic problem by incorporating microplastics into everything from dog tags to magnets to coasters to dominoes. Order now because these recycled microplastics have a BIG following and go fast!


ADRIFT Jewelry

These unique pieces are from Oahu-based jewelry designer Stacy G’s ADRIFT collection, where she repurposes marine debris she’s removed from our white sandy beaches on Oahu’s windward coast and converts them into statement pieces. As she puts it, these pieces are creating something beautiful while giving this harmful debris a second life, with the larger goal of raising awareness and elevating conversations about plastic waste. It’s a win in our book!


Responsible Athleisure by Kumana Active
For the ethical, socially responsible, sustainably-minded person in your life, look no further. This activewear is Hawaiian owned, ethically made, and uses sustainable material (pre- and post-consumer plastics pulled from the ocean). Another bonus? They use 100% compostable packaging, and their styles are body positive. The gift that keeps on giving! Check out their cute gear and give the gift of conscious fashion.


The Gift of Stoke
These sustainable surfboards from Firewire are built with a singular focus: design the best surf experience with minimal environmental impact. This company measures performance by its impact on people and the planet, and they support some of our favorite non-profit organizations. Featuring long, short and mid-length boards, you’ll find the right shape for every surfer on your list...we just might be asking Santa for The Gem...



Surf Wax America...for the Holidays
Maybe a surfboard isn’t in the cards for your favorite surfer. Surf wax is another essential for any surfer, and makes a great stocking stuffer. Grab Matunas, a non-toxic, oil-free wax that’s made with natural ingredients. Most surf wax contains paraffin, a petroleum-based product that is toxic to marine life. Opt for a sustainable surf wax with this eco-friendly wax that your surfer, and the ocean, can feel good about.


The Gift of Giving

Not feeling the whole consumerism vibe this year? We get it. So we’ve added a list of our favorite nonprofits who work diligently year-round to ensure clean and safe oceans, reduce plastic pollution, and support the promise of a better future. 


Sustainable Coastlines
Working hard to clean up Oahu’s coastlines and educate tourists and locals alike, they’ve removed thousands of pounds of debris from our shores and have educated 42,120 students via their education program. Have someone on your list who loves our keiki and wants to empower the future? Donate for them.


Surfrider Oahu
In addition to clean ups, Surfrider Oahu pushes for legislation to protect our oceans and discourage plastic use and waste, keeps beach access available to all, monitors water quality, and supports community garden networks to offset runoff. Their Ocean Friendly Restaurant initiative was the template for Surfrider National’s launch of the same program. This is a powerhouse donation!


With an open source design, SEED has created a large-scale debris removal concept that can be replicated all over the world -- separating synthetic debris from natural debris to maintain the integrity of our beaches. SEED uses engineering and constant prototyping and feedback to refine and improve its process for removal, all while recording massive amounts of data. This donation would be the perfect gift for the engineer, data nut, and ocean lover on your list.

Players For the Planet
Need a gift for your sports fanatic? Donate to this organization of professional athletes committed to reducing the impact of professional sports on the planet by using their platforms to promote change. From beach clean ups in the Dominican to recycling initiatives and conservation efforts, PFTP is batting clean up. Know a sports nut? Donate for them.


Waimanalo Limu Hui
Restoring limu, or seaweed, helps restore the once thriving ecosystem on the Waimanalo coastline of Oahu. Healthy coastlines help prevent erosion and capture carbon while supporting thriving fisheries. The Waimanalo Limu Hui restores the limu by creating limu leis on shore, then threading these leis around stones in the ocean. Love of nature, community, and ocean is woven into each step. Supporting this worthwhile group would make a great gift for any nature-lover, fishing aficionado, or ocean lover on your list.