Sustainable Gifts for Last Minute Shoppers (like us!)

Sustainable Gifts for Last Minute Shoppers (like us!)

Tis the season…for shopping! And we have mixed feelings about that. We’re a product-based business, but we know not all products – or businesses – are created equal. And, we’re big believers in voting with our dollars. Looking for last-minute gift ideas that support sustainable, locally-owned, women-owned businesses making products with heart? We got you covered. Read on for our favorite businesses to shop and support this season (and beyond!) -- and yes, they sell digital gift cards!


Protea Zero Waste

A zero-waste and thrift haven, this highly curated shop has everything for your zero-waste home needs, and is serving the latest, hottest thrifted looks. Our favorite? Dish block soap and scrubbie – satisfying bubbles and a squeaky clean. And, Swedish dishcloths – adorable designs, absorbent, and compostable (we are partial to compostables ;) ). If you’re local, gift cards for their thrifted clothing make the perfect gift for your sustainably-minded family and friends. Not local? Protea offers digital gift cards and ships!

swedish dishcloth with pineapple print from Protea Zero Waste shop 

Kumana Active

A Hawaii-based, Native Hawaiian-owned, and woman-owned business bringing sustainability and cultural celebration to activewear makes this brand something special. Every piece is made from recycled fishing nets and pre- and post-consumer plastics pulled from the ocean. Their newly launched Na Manu O'iwi line supports sustainability while also bringing awareness to native birds – those extinct and those on the verge. Choose this gift for your wellness lovers and support conservation and sustainability efforts while supporting a local- and woman-owned business (yes, they ship, and YES they have digital gift cards!).

 Kumana Active sustainable activewear made from recycled fishing nets and pre- and post-ocean plastics

Punky Aloha

A Hawaii-born artist, Shar Tsuiosa has a special place in our business and heart for her support with our Rogue Wave Kickstarter back in 2019. Her work highlights native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders while bringing awareness to the islands, and her work supports conservation efforts via Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. Check out her adorable and poignant children’s book Punky Aloha about finding courage, loving yourself, and loving your roots. And yes, she sells digital gift cards!

image of punky aloha front cover by artist Shar Tuiasoa


We hope these suggestions help ease your last minute shopping by providing you with sustainable options for gifting. Happy holidays from all of us at Rogue Wave...and we sell digital gift cards, too :)